Sunday, November 21, 2010

Ember's 4!!!!!!!

I know this is late, but things have been so crazy it has taken me until now to get this up. I can't believe that she is already 4! Ember had a whole weekend of birthday parties, presents, and family time. She got a bike and has been begging me to put it together, but I haven't been able to figure it out so I am shooting for when grandpa is here for Thanksgiving to get it put together for her. She had a tinker bell birthday and was tinker bell for Halloween so everything was tinker bell that weekend!

All Corbin cared about was the cake and he loved it!! He had three pieces but he looked so cute and said "pwease mommy!" I couldn't resist!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

RoadRunners Baseball

Since my parents are being host families to two players from the team they had tickets and we decided to go to the game with them and it was so much fun. Ember loved every minute of it and would have stayed the whole time had Corbin not gotten upset because it was past his bedtime. Ember kept calling them the pigeons and the program was her pigeon map! She wanted to get a picture with one of the mascots and her daddy was such a good sport for taking her and chasing one down (literally chasing him down) so that she could get her picture, but Corbin did not want nothing to do with either of them.

So Corbin settled with playing around the trees and throwing dirt at me and of course eating snow cones and goodies from the concessions. It was really fun I wish we could have stayed longer, but the little man was past his bedtime and did not want anything to do with the game. I know this took me forever to get this post done since it has almost been a month since the game, but I am trying to get better at remembering to update my blog.

Friday, April 16, 2010

The Dentist!

This was Corbin's 1st visit to the dentist! Ember has been several times, but she did not want anything to do with him this visit. Corbin was actually pretty good until the dentist decided it was time to brush. Ember would not let the assistant brush her teeth she was squeezing her mouth shut so tight she couldn't even get the brush in her lips. So she had to get held down to get it done. I know that sounds awful, and it is hard to do, but as soon as he stopped she said can I have my book and balloon now! She definitely likes that part about the Dentist.... all of the prizes she gets when she is done so between the two of them we left with: 2 books, 2 balloons, 2 stickers, and 2 gift certificates to Red Robin! I want a Dentist that gives me prizes like that for coming in and I won't even cry or kick him like my kids do. I am happy to report that neither of them had any cavities!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Primary 'Egg"stravaganza

It was Ember 1st actual primary activity since she became a sunbeam in January, and it was an Easter Egg hunt, Cookie decorating, and coloring eggs. We took Charity with us to the activity and Corbin of course. Corbin's favorite part was eating the frosting off of the eggs. He was a little passive about hunting for the eggs while Ember on the other hand was super aggressive and she got her bag full way fast. When her bag got full she started helping Charity fill her bag with eggs and candy, and that was really sweet.

Warm Weather FINALLY!

The weather finally started to warm up and was really nice outside so I bought the kids a little pool for the backyard. I have been having a hard time keeping the kids out of it, and from the picture you can tell I have also been having a hard time getting Corbin to keep his clothes on. Ember was complaining that the water was too cold so I was having to bucket in hot water from the sink in the house. It was a pain in the butt, but it did actually make a difference.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

I know I know... it has been a long time.

I finally got a new camera to start being able to put pictures up, but just realized that I didn't buy memory card for it, so the memory is already full and so until I get a memory card here is the only pic of the kids I was able to get on the new camera before the memory was full. I couldn't get Corbin to smile he just wanted the camera out of my hand, but Ember on the other hand is always ready for a picture.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Ember's 3rd Birthday and Halloween

It has been a while since I have posted and a lot has happened (of course). Corbin started walking at 10 months and Ember turned 3 and Halloween so this is going to be a long one SORRY! Well since Ember's birthday fell on a Sunday this year we decided to celebrate it a day early which also ended up being on Halloween. We had a huge princess party and then got dressed up and went trick-or-treating. To start it off we carved pumpkins for family night and I learned that I am allergic to the slimy stuff inside pumpkins. Ember loved carving them .....well actually she just poked holes in them while Daddy and Mommy carved them.

And of course I have to show the finished product...Daddy was so proud of the pumpkins. One is a cat and the other one is a skull with cross bones.

Next was Ember's birthday party. She had a Disney Princess party and to say that she was excited for her party would be an understatement. All morning long she was taking in all of the decorations and her cake and she was bouncing off the walls and didn't want to wait any longer. Here is a picture of the birthday girl and her cake.

She was too busy looking at her Daddy to look at the camera, and she had ditched her crown by then because she said that she needed her princess dress on before she could wear her crown. She is a total diva. After dinner, bobbing for apples, pinata, princess game, and presents (and boy did she get spoiled. Thank you everybody) the kids (and Daddy) got dressed up we all went trick-or-treating together. Here is a picture of EVERYBODY (we had a big group).

Ember was Cinderalla, Corbin was an Elephant, and Daddy was a skeleton that's chest bled when he pumped a heart in his hand (not very kid friendly...Ember didn't want anything to do with him at first and Corbin just stared at him and Melissa and Charity cried). We had all the cousins that live nearby come with us. (Oakley, Garrett, Kyller, Charity, Melissa, Ember, and Corbin)

Isn't he the cutest elephant you have ever seen? Then of course there is Ember Princess (as she calls herself) dressed as Cinderalla.

Well I think that is everything I hope I haven't missed anything. But overall it was a really fun couple of weeks and lots that went on.